Rcopia: How Provider Agents Can Print Scripts for Providers

Reminder: Provider Agents are active staff users authorized to transmit non-controlled prescriptions to the pharmacy on a provider's behalf, allowing a provider to sign after transmission. 

Provider agents are able to print prescriptions by following these steps. 

Print Don't Send Prescription

1. Search for the patient that needs to have a printed prescription.

2. Create the prescription. See 3 Ways to Create New Prescriptions to learn how to create prescriptions. 

3. After creating a new prescription, a provider agent can select Print don't Send.


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4. Select the printer icon to print the prescription.


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5. The prescription printed out should have a signature line.


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6. The provider can now sign the printed prescription and give it to the patient. 

Print Sent Prescriptions

1. Select Prescription Summary at the top of the screen


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2. Fill in the search parameters to find the prescription needed

3. Find the prescription and click the Printer icon to print the prescription


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