Backline: Badge Notifications (Android)

Android mobile devices handle notifications in a different manner than iOS. If you read a message from the web while logged into Backline on an Android device, the Android Home screen badge may not clear. This article provides instructions on how to clear existing notifications from the Notification area on your Android. 

1. New message is received.

Note: Display of the unread message badge on App icons can be Android device dependent.


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2. Go to your open session on the web and read the new message.

3. Check your Android Home screen for the new message badge indicator and open the Backline app.

4. Click on the menu option and look for badges.


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5. No new message badges display inside Backline because the messages have already been viewed on the web.


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6. If there are no badges showing a new unread message, but the badge persists on the Home screen, pull the Notifications down from the top of the Android to clear them.

BacklineAndroid4a.jpg    BacklineAndroid4b.jpg

7. Once you have cleared the notification from the Android, the badge should no longer appear on your Backline Home screen.


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Note: There is a direct correlation to how many notifications are in your Android notification area and how many badges may appear on your Home screen.

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