Rcopia: Member Types Glossary (Admin)

This article provides a glossary of commonly used acronyms that appear when registering employees for the first time or updating a practice with new employees. This article also relates the meanings of current acronyms with what each role can do in Rcopia. 

Provider roles are licensed users that can prescribe in Rcopia (e.g., physician, chiropractor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, dentist, etc.): 

Acronym  Meaning 
  • Provider (database) role
  • Specifically medical doctor or dentist
  • Part-time provider roles that bill differently than full time provider roles 
  • Can be medical doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant specialties
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Midlevel provider role 
  • Physician assistant
  • Midlevel provider role 

Non-provider accounts  

Acronym Meaning 
  • Staff account (an account without an NPI number, e.g., clinical, front desk)
  • Clinical staff are non-provider roles that can create prescriptions that the provider will then sign (Provider Agents), can add/edit patient medication/allergy lists, and can complete all non-clinical (NC) staff role functions. 
  • Front desk staff are non-provider roles that can add patients to the practice account, edit patient demographics, and designate patient default pharmacy.
  • Student staff 
  • This non-provider role is similar to clinical staff, except that they cannot print prescriptions or become a Provider Agent. 
  • Non-clinical staff 
  • This non-provider role allows a user to add patients to the practice account, edit patient demographics, designate patient default pharmacy, and view prescription reports.

Note: All provider types can be modified by DrFirst Support Team (Tier 3) to another provider type. But provider types cannot be modified to a Staff account (any account without an NPI) or vice versa. 


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