EPCS: How do I access my registration invite? (web)

This article takes you through the initial steps of the EPCS registration process from your emailed invite. 

Note:  invites are sent to providers in practices that use EPCS on the web. iPrescribe users who completed ID.me identity verification follow a different process to complete EPCS activation for iPrescribe.

EPCS Registration Invite:

Your EPCS registration invite is sent to the unique email that we have on file for you. The invite is initiated by an admin at your organization, your EMR vendor, or DrFirst.

Please be advised that the invitation expires after 60 days.

Recommendation: Use a computer (and not a phone) to complete the registration.

To access your registration invite, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: In your email inbox folder, open the email that contains the following subject line: "Registration invite for prescribing controlled substances electronically."

Step 2: Click the blue link, Click To Register. You will be redirected to the EPCS Gold login page.


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Step 3: On the next screen, you will see that your NPI number and Invite ID are auto-populated for you. You can see all of this under the page section labeled I have an invite. Click Proceed to continue.

EPCS Invite on prescriber dashboard.png

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Step 4: You will now be redirected to a screen where you will need to verify your identity.

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  • "verify your identity" link is broken

  • I did not get a registration invite , I got the token , now what ?


    Laurie Ellam

  • Good afternoon, I see you have a ticket 244212 with DrFirst Support. That was the right way to escalate your question. You can comment on that same ticket to continue the query. Please refer to the article Track My Requests and Update My Requests to see how to reply on open tickets.