EPCS: Activate EPCS/Logical Access Control (Web)

This article provides instructions on how to complete Logical Access Control (LAC). This is the last step for a provider to register for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS).

Providers should contact an administrator who will complete Logical Access Control or contact their EHR for next steps.


  • This article does not apply to iPrescribe self-registered users
  • Occurs after a provider has successfully completed the identity proofing process through the EPCS Gold Invite and has associated two-factor authentication (hard and/or soft token + passphrase) to their account
  • Only providers who have reach an EPCS "Enrolled" status will appear in the LAC screen. If a provider does not show on the LAC screen, their EPCS account is not in "Enrolled" status with the practice organization or practice location.
  • Administrator privileges are required to access LAC via Utilities in the Rcopia menu
  • The Last Change field in the LAC column will update based on any activity on the EPCS account (e.g., email change, grant change, DEA change, name change).
  • If you don't see provider listed in LAC screen please make sure they have completed Registration for that specific organization
  • Please make sure only one administrator is completing LAC at a time for a provider. If multiple admins are doing LAC for providers at same time can cause provide EPCS to be disabled.
  • Administrator needs to be a valid user with valid name Registered it cannot be test or admin in name. This information can be audited by DEA

Completing Logical Access Control (LAC)

Note: Only an Administrator will have the capability of performing LAC. The Administrator must be logged into their own DrFirst Account and must be a staff user, not a provider. Users with an NPI on their own profile may function as Administrators but do not have access to LAC.

The designated practice administrator who will complete LAC will:

1. Log in to their Rcopia account by navigating to Rcopia's Login Page: https://web3.drfirst.com/login

2. Go the the main (hamburger) menu on the top left corner.

3. Select Utilities.


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4. Select Logical Access Control (LAC).


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5. To locate the provider, enter provider information in the search field, then click Search.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • NPI


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6. Click the Activeradio button for the appropriate/desired prescriber to grant EPCS authorization.

Conversely, to disable EPCS prescription permissions, Admins can click Inactive.


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7. Under Granting Administrator, the administrator will enter their own first and last name as it appears on their user account.


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8. UnderAuthorizing Prescriber, the administrator will populate the Enter NPIfield with the provider's NPI number, then click Validate.

9. The Provider will complete the remaining fields, then click Authorize. Alternatively, any provider with an EPCS status of ENROLLED in EPCS Gold may substitute for the requesting provider.

  • Choose a Device from list: This field should auto-populate all active registered tokens.
      • Please ensure the token being used is selected.
  • Enter the signing passphrase: The provider should have already set the signing passphrase (controlled substance password) during EPCS enrollment.
  • Enter the One Time Pin (OTP) from the selected token: This six-digit code generates every 30 seconds.


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10. You will be redirected to a page that will prompt you to click Refresh. Doing so will reload the LAC page with the desired grant change(s) applied.

Note: If you receive the error "Your Logical Access Control session has ended. No changes were made" please repeat this process and be sure the Active button is selected in Step 4.


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Congratulations, the EPCS grant has now been activated, and the provider can now start prescribing controlled substances electronically!

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  • We looked in our LAC table in our software and we don't see the provider listed as an option to select so we are unable to authorize them.

  • Good afternoon Meghan, to escalate this issue please Submit a request to DrFirst Support. The article, How to Submit a Request provides more details on this process.