EPCS: Did you get a new phone?

Before trading in your current smartphone or tablet with your registered VIP Access app, please register a second token so you don't have to repeat the Identity Proofing Process.  

This article explains how to register a new soft token for Experian-registered users getting a new phone who will add their new token on the web site.

When you get a new device, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Make sure you have your old phone with your soft token with you.

  • Submit a request for the DrFirst Support Team or talk to your administrator if you do not have your old phone or second token.

2. Download the VIP Access app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your new device.

3. Visit our EPCS Gold login page and log in with your NPI number and Passphrase (controlled substance password).

4. Select an active token from the Token dropdown menu, then enter the One Time Pin (OTP) generated from that token. The OTP is a 6-digit security code from that device.

  • If you are using the VIP Access soft token app (gold circle with a black checkmark inside), the OTP is the security code that changes every 30 seconds.

VIP_Access_Icon.png     mceclip0.png

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  • If you are using a hard token (OneSpan or Symantec), the OTP is displayed once you click the button on the front of the device. Read the following article to learn how to use the OneSpan hard token properly: How To Use the OneSpan Hard Token.

5. Once you are fully logged into the system, click the Tokens tab or click the Manage Tokens link.


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6. Click on the Add New Token button.


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7. You can now add a new device, including those with the VIP Access mobile app (can download from the App Store onto your new phone). You can also add a Hard token (physical fob) that you may have received from us. 

To add a token, fill out the required fields as they appear on screen: 


Selection Options

Token Manufacturer 
  • SYMANTEC or 
Token Issuer DRFIRST
Token Type
Token Nickname

Provide a 'nickname' of your choice for the token, so you can identity it in the future (e.g. "iPhone SYMC app"). You will see this nickname each time you e-prescribe controlled substances. 

Credential ID
  • Hard tokens (fobs) have a serial number on the back.
  • Soft tokens (VIP Access) have a Credential ID at the top of the screen.

Use the appropriate format when entering your token information:

Token Serial Number/Credential ID Format
VIP Access
  • SYMC########  (no spaces)
  • SYMD########  (no spaces)
  • VSST########   (no spaces)
Symantec (Hard Token)
  • AVT########
  • FT########
  • ########           (no dashes)
One-Time-Pin (OTP)

Enter the security code generated by your authenticator ("token"). 



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  • We recommend you have at least two authentication devices associated with your account. This can be a physical authentication token from Symantec or OneSpan, a software token on your mobile device, or any combination.


8. Disable your old phone by following the directions outlined below:

  • Locate your old device from the table
  • Click Disable in the Action column.
  • Select the Reason for disabling the token and click Disable.
  • Your selected token is now disabled.

It is recommended to always have two tokens registered for e-prescribing. You must have a valid token to access Token Management.

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