EPCS: Manage my Tokens (Web)

This article explains how to manage tokens for users who completed Experian identity proofing during EPCS registration, and will add their new token on the web site.

This article does not apply to self-registered users.

Access Your EPCS Token Management Page

Log into EPCS Gold Console through the EPCS Prescriber Dashboard or through the Rcopia menu, then follow the steps outlined.

Step 1 EPCS Prescriber Dashboard: Click the link to view the dashboard login.  Enter your credentials using your NPI number and Passphrase (controlled substance password) and click Next

Note: The Passphrase is the controlled substance password you created when completing the EPCS enrollment.


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Step 1 Rcopia Utilities Menu: Log into Rcopia for e-prescribing.  Go to the menu, click Utilities, then select Token Management.


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Step 2: Follow the steps below to complete your login to EPCS:

(A) Select the Token you will use to authenticate yourself from the drop-down menu.

(B) Enter the One Time Pin (OTP) generated from your token.

(C) Click Submit.


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Step 3: Click the Tokens tab at the top or click the Manage Tokens button at the bottom right of the page. Both will take you to token management.


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Step 4: You are now on the Token Management page.


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Select the desired action:

Add New Token

Step 1: Click the Add New Token button. 


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Step 2: A new section named Add Two Factor Authentication Token will appear below the button. Open the drop-down menu and select the Token Manufacturer of the token you wish to add.


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Symantec or OneSpan are physical tokens mailed to your shipping address.

Symantec may also be the VIP Access App (downloadable through the App Store or Play Store). 

Step 3: Your token selection from the previous step will determine the additional fields that will appear as you fill out the form. Continue filling out fields that appear (listed below in this article):


Selection Options

Token Issuer DRFIRST
Token Type
  • OTP HARD TOKEN (select if you have a physical token)
  • OTP SOFT TOKEN (select if you have a virtual token through the VIP Access mobile app)
Token Name

Provide a nickname for the token to help you identify it 

  • Example: "iPhone token" or "fob"
Serial Number (S/N) or Credential ID

For Symantec Hard Token, enter the Serial Number (S/N) on the back of the token without any spaces.

  • AVT########### or FT###########

For VIP Access Soft Token (App), enter the Credential ID that appears at the top without spaces:

  • SYMC########### or SYMZ########### or VSST###########

For OneSpan Hard Tokens, enter the Serial Number (S/N), the long string of numbers on the back of the token without any dashes:

  • ###########


  • The numbers are generated from your token or the security code from the VIP Access (Soft token) App.

Step 4: Click Save. Your token is now associated with your account.



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Disable Tokens

Step 1: Find the token you wish to disable, then click the Disable button.


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Step 2: Select the Reason for disabling in the drop-down menu, then click Disable.

Note: If you mean to disable the token only temporarily, please select 'Temporarily Unavailable.' Selecting 'lost,' 'damaged,' or other option will permanently disable the token.


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Step 3: Your selected token is now disabled.


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Enable Tokens

Step 1: Find the token you wish to enable, then click Enable in the Action column.


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Step 2: A new section will appear at the bottom of the page.

(A) Enter your One Time Pin (OTP) from the token.

(B) Click Activate Token


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  • In asking Icanotes for help, the support person recommended un-install my VIP app and re-install.  Now my token is not associated with my account. I only have a soft token. Help!!

  • Good afternoon, thank you for submitting ticket 199351 for this question and we hope that this fully answered your query. 

  • Hi when I do step one the credential ID does not match the new ID I have when I unstalled and reinstalled my VIP app so I"m not sure what do to

  • Good afternoon, I see you have a ticket 254506 with DrFirst Support. That was the right way to escalate your query. You can comment on that same ticket to continue the query. Please refer to the article Track My Requests and Update My Requests to see how to reply on open tickets.