EPCS: Cannot sign and send controlled substance prescriptions (update TOU)

This article explains how to accept the updated EPCS Terms of Use.

Please follow the steps below if you received this notification: "We are extremely sorry but the prescription cannot be signed and sent at this time. Please contact your system administrator or Support."

Step 1: Click to access the EPCS Gold Prescriber Dashboard


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Step 2: Log in with your NPI number and Passphrase (controlled substance password). Complete login by selecting your token from the dropdown and entering your One Time Pin (OTP) from that token.


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Step 3: Read and accept the updated Terms of Use.

Note: You may need to log out of e-prescribing and log back in for this to take effect.

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  • We will review that, but if that were the case would it not affect all prescriptions?

  • Good afternoon, and thank you for your question! This article refers to providers entering their passphrase and the 6-digit pin from their token for controlled substances, per DEA requirements. The same two-factor authentication measures are not required for non-controlled substances.