Rcopia: Cancel Prescriptions

This article explains how to cancel a prescription in Rcopia, which is different from stopping a medication in Rcopia.  

Stopping a medication

When you stop a medication in Rcopia it will remove the drug from a patient’s Active Medications and no notifications that it was stopped will be sent to the pharmacy. 

Please see article Stop a Medication for more details.

Canceling a prescription

When you are canceling a prescription a notification will be sent to the pharmacy to cancel it. You will also have the option to stop the medication, which will remove it from the active medications. 

How do I cancel a prescription in Rcopia?  

You can cancel a prescription from either the Prescription Summary or the Prescription Management widget. 

Both the Prescription Management and Prescription Summary will display any pending, sent, cancelled or undeliverable prescriptions for a patient.  

Step 1: To conduct a search, fill out the 5 fields as you see fit (Provider, Patient, Drug Type, Status, and Date Range). 

To learn more about each of the 5 search fields, please see How To Search Prescription Reports in the article Rcopia: Prescription Reports. 

Step 2: Once you have filled out the fields you need, click the orange Search button  

Step 3: Under the Prescription Summary or Prescription Management make sure that you have the correct patient pulled up. 

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Step 4: Find the drug you would like to cancel and look for the Actions column on the right side of the screen.  

Step 5: Under Actions click the cancel prescription button (button with the "x").  

Step 6: Be sure to select a reason for canceling the prescription in the drop-down menu on the Cancel Prescription screen.  

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  • From the Cancel Prescription screen, you have the option to put a check mark next to Also Stop Medication, which will remove the medication from the patient's active medication list. 
  • The above screens will look the same under the Prescription Summary and the Prescription Management widgets. 

Step 7: Click the orange Cancel Prescription button. At the top of the Rcopia screen, you will see a notification that the prescription has been canceled. 

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