PDMP: What information does DrFirst need to troubleshoot PDMP errors?

This article advises the information needed by DrFirst to troubleshoot PDMP errors.

When provider/practice is experiencing an error in DrFirst PDMP please first confirm the following:

  • Has the provider/practice enrolled in PDMP the for state they are trying to access through DrFirst?
  • Has provider(s) confirmed they are able to successfully access their state PMP?
  • Is this occurring for one provider or multiple providers/organizations?
  • If patient specific, does state PMP data have different demographic information for the patient than what is being sent to DrFirst PDMP, i.e., Patient name John Smith vs. Johnathan Smith

If you are a PDMP affiliate integration, please make sure to include the xml request and response when opening case for our team to help most effectively resolve issues.

Please open case with the following:

  • Exact error message
  • Estimated time frame when issue began
  • NPI of provider(s) getting error
  • Is it patient specific: Yes/No
  • Screenshot are always welcomed and helpful
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