This article answers some of the most common questions about using PDMP with DrFirst.

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What PDMP reports can be pulled by DrFirst?

Rcopia Standalone users or EMR/EHR partner representatives can request PDMP report based on time range that will include Provider NPI, Provider First Name, Provider Last Name, Outcome Success, Day of Query Date, and PDMP Query Count

Can I integrate PDMP with multiple states?

Yes.  There are two ways to view data in multiple states.  If your facility is located in only one state, but you would like to view data from neighboring states as well, you would need to submit a Datashare Request for the states you’d like to connect to.

If your facility has locations in multiple states, PDMP may be able to be integrated for multiple states.  This process does depend on the states being requested and the setup of your facility within DrFirst.  Please contact your Account Manager, EMR/EHR Vendor, or Sales Representative for more information.

Am I required to have state PMP login active to use DrFirst PDMP?

Yes.  When you attempt to check PDMP data via the integration, the system will first match your credentials (Name, NPI, DEA, State License) against the state website directly to ensure an account exists.  If you do not have an existing, active account with the state, you will receive a PDMP error instead.

Can my staff check PDMP in DrFirst for me?

No, at this time due to legal requirements, only prescribers will be able to view PDMP data through the DrFirst PDMP Integration.

Why can't I pull a specific patient's PDMP data in DrFirst, but I can pull their PDMP data in the state website?

The most likely reason is the patient demographics differ.  Please review the patient demographics in both DrFirst and the state website and make sure there are no discrepancies.

What should I do if the information in PDMP is incorrect?

Please confirm if you are seeing incorrect data within the state PMP website.  If so, you will need to report the issue to them as DrFirst is not the source of the data but rather just pulling in information from the state.

Do newly added practice locations have PDMP enabled?

Even though a practice is already enabled for PDMP, newly created practice locations will not have PDMP enabled automatically. Submit a request to have the new location added for PDMP access. 

Does my state fund reporting?

NarxCare details, also known as Narx Reporting, appear in standard PDMP reporting if there is state funding for this.

For states that do not fund NarxCare details, you will incur additional costs if you select Yes under Enhanced Report options for PDMP requests.

Any questions regarding adding NarxCare details, if it is not funded by your state, should be addressed with your Sales Representative and/or Account Manager.   

If your state does not fund NarxCare details, red text will appear under Enhanced Report letting you know that additional costs are associated if you want to see NarxCare details. 


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  • I don't think you understood the question. I believe they want access to the military databases...are those included in the PDMP or are they separate?


  • Good afternoon, thank you for updating ticket 212490. That is the best process to escalate your question, and if you need to review your ticket at any point, you may wish to review the article, Ticketing: Track My Requests