iPrescribe: What is Secure Chat?

Secure Chat connects you with Backline, a DrFirst product for secure chat and care collaboration.

Backline provides seamless integration with desktop and mobile feature-rich texting, including Patient-Centered Chat.  This improves care coordination via instant sharing of clinical data, care team commentary, and provider instructions for patient care in progress.  Backline is available as a stand-alone system with available API integration. 

To learn about getting a Backline account, please click to visit the Healthcare Messaging and Care Team Communications  page for information and to contact us. 

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  • good afternoon,  i'm trying to complete signing up and don't know what my next step is.... help.... 

  • i haven't completed a step here.   idk if it was iprescribe or drfirst, but they were gonna send like a passcode to office address and i haven't received it.  

  • what does pending approval mean? 

  • Good afternoon, thank you for your questions. There seems to be an existing ticket that has addressed your queries, however, should you have further questions, you may submit another ticket for DrFirst Support at any point for further assistance.