Rcopia: When a Prescription is Undeliverable

The purpose of this article is to identify when a prescription may be undeliverable, or unable to transmit to the pharmacy.

Why would a prescription be undeliverable?

There are four primary reasons a prescription may be undeliverable in Rcopia.

1 - The medication is free-texted, not selected from medication list

  • Non-controlled prescriptions will attempt to go by fax
  • Controlled substance prescriptions will be marked undeliverable.

*Please see Rcopia: What is a Free Text Drug? for additional information about free text drugs. 

2 - The pharmacy is practice-entered/manually entered, not selected from pharmacy search results

  • If the pharmacy is manually entered, prescriptions will go by fax to the fax number entered for that pharmacy.
  • If the pharmacy is manually entered and does not have a valid fax number, the prescription will be marked undeliverable.
    Please see Pharmacy Management for additional details.

3 - The script was not electronically acknowledged ("verified") by the pharmacy within one hour.

  • Check prescription transmission history to see if the prescription has a 'verified' status.
    • Please see Prescription Reports for details on how to access and view the transmission history of a prescription (under the What do Reports Show section).
  • If all prescriptions go straight to fax, please reach out to DrFirst Support and request review of your account setup.

4 -  The SPI may be inactive.

  • Please reach out to your Admin or to DrFirst Support for assistance.
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