Rcopia: What is RxFill?

This article provides an overview of RxFill, a one-way message from a pharmacy to a provider, indicating whether a prescription has been dispensed, partially dispensed, not dispensed, or transferred. The message may also include notes from the pharmacist for further clarification of these statuses. 

When a provider writes a prescription in Rcopia, the provider can indicate to the pharmacy which dispense events the provider wants to receive, though pharmacy participation in RxFill is voluntary. 

When a pharmacy sends notification of a fill event, the latest dispense status of the prescription is shown on the Prescription Management or Prescription Report panel as an icon.  When the user hovers over the icon, the status is described and any note that the pharmacy included is also shown.

Note:  This will only show when the RxFill information is available.


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The icon for the latest dispense status is shown for the prescription.


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A pharmacy can send more than one fill event for a prescription.  For example, the prescription might be partially filled at first due to a supply shortage or the inability of the patient to pay for the full amount at once.  The prescription might then be completed later.  Clicking on the prescription row shows the list of fill events sent from the pharmacy.

If user clicks on the battery they will see this page:


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The icon for the latest dispense status is shown for the medication record that was last updated by the prescription.


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While prescribing, the provider can select 'Request prescription fill status for' to request which types of fill events the pharmacy should send.  


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This selection is not a guarantee that the pharmacy will send the events, but if the pharmacy participates in RxFill, the provider’s selection determines which events the pharmacy sends.  The selection is made on the Review Prescription screen.  This option is only available when both the provider and the pharmacy are enabled for the RxFill service.

If user asks about why the RxFill information is or is not reported, direct them to the pharmacy to provide the information.  

RxFill Preferences

The default for this option is set from the User Preferences menu.  This default is automatically applied to “one-click” prescriptions that are created from a favorite or by renewing a medication or past prescription.


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Drop-down menu options:

All Fill Statuses

No exclusion of type of Fill status

All Fill Statuses Except Transferred

Get only Fill status except if prescription sent to another pharmacy

Dispensed and Partially Dispensed

Dispensed as written or dispensed only with part of prescription order

Partially Dispensed And Not Dispensed

Dispensed only with part of prescription order and received but not given to patient

Not Dispensed And Transferred

Received but not given to patient and prescriptions sent to another pharmacy to fill

Partially Dispensed

Dispensed only with part of prescription order

Not Dispensed
Received but not given to patient
Cancel All Fill Status
Prescribers may decide to modify or cancel all further RxFill status transaction


RXFill definitions to note:


A pharmacy procedure that occurs when a patient requests a prescription be dispensed from a pharmacy other than the one that originally received the prescription. The pharmacy requesting the transfer of a prescription may or may not be within the same organization.

In the context of the RxFill transaction, a medication that has been handed, shipped, or delivered to the patient (or the patient’s caregiver/representative) and the pharmacy no longer has possession of it. If the medication is still located in the pharmacy, it has not yet been ‘dispensed.’ This definition applies for this chapter.
Partially Dispensed
Occasionally, a pharmacy is not able to dispense the full prescription as ordered. In this scenario, a pharmacy system would send the prescriber a minimum of two RxFill transactions. A partially dispensed message could be sent multiple times, until the entire prescription quantity, as originally ordered, has been dispensed. The first RxFill transaction would indicate what was dispensed initially and subsequent transactions would be sent until the remainder of the authorized quantity was dispensed. Each transaction back to the prescriber should indicate the quantity dispensed.
Not Dispensed

There are scenarios where a prescription is received by a pharmacy, but it is not dispensed. In these cases, the pharmacy is expected to send a “Not Dispensed” transaction to the prescriber based on the pharmacy system rules for placing a prescription on hold or when a medication is returned to stock. It is recommended that the “Not Dispensed” response include additional information as to why a prescription was not dispensed, if known. If an appropriate Reason Code value is not available, it is recommended to include a free text description, such as “Patient unable to pay for prescription.” Due to variations in business practices, trading partner agreements or pharmacy operational practices will determine the timing of not dispensed RxFill transactions.

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