iPrescribe: Prescription undeliverable

This article explains the most common causes when a prescription is undeliverable and what to do when it happens.

What causes a prescription to be undeliverable?

There are two primary reasons a prescription may be undeliverable in iPrescribe.

1. The pharmacy is manually entered by the practice (practice-entered), and not selected from pharmacy search results

  • If the pharmacy is manually entered, prescriptions will go by fax to the fax number entered for that pharmacy.
  • If the pharmacy is manually entered and does not have a valid fax number, the prescription will be marked undeliverable.

2. The prescription was not electronically acknowledged ("verified") by the pharmacy within one hour.

If you experience any of the above issues please update or re-create the prescription and try to send the prescription again.

If a prescription is still failing to reach the pharmacy and needs to be sent immediately please call the pharmacy directly to get steps to address prescription by other means.

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