EPCS: Requesting a hard token

This article explains how to submit a request for a new or replacement token.

  • If you would like a soft token, please download VIP Access from your App store or https://vip.symantec.com.
  • If you are contracted with an EHR, please reach out to your EHR for hard token replacement.
  • If you are contracted with DrFirst, follow the steps below

1.  Sign in, then select the Submit a request button at the top or bottom of the page.



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2. Select Token Request 
  • If you do not see all the options below, please sign in. 


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3. Fill out the form, including whether the hard token will be delivered to a residence. Select Yes if the address for delivery is a residence; select No if it is being sent to a practice location.


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4. Different address fields will become available depending on whether you selected delivery to a residential or not. 

YesResidence.PNG     NoResidence.PNG

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5. If this is a request for a token to be replaced, select Yes from the "Replacement?" drop-down menu and then select the most accurate Replacement Reason.
Note: DrFirst has a 90-day limited warranty period on hard tokens. This limited warranty excludes damage or loss. For warranty claims, include the Provider's NPI.


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6. Click Submit.

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