iPrescribe: Search for and add a patient's pharmacy

This article will discuss how you can access the patient profile screen, search for pharmacies for specific patients, and add the pharmacy as a favorite.

Tip: Less is More. If you cannot find a pharmacy, use less information in the search.

Search using only the first few letters of the pharmacy name and the ZIP Code of the pharmacy; any search criteria that do not match the pharmacy record will be excluded from the search results.

1. Start on the iPrescribe home screen, tap the New Rx button.


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2. Next, either:

  • Search for a patient in the search bar at the top and select a patient from the search results.
  • Select a patient under the section labeled RECENT PATIENTS.


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Visit Adding New Patients for instructions on how you can add patients to your account.

3. On the patient profile screen, tap Change to the right of the section labeled Pharmacy.


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4a. You can now select a pharmacy from the Recents pharmacy list (10 most recent) or Favorites pharmacy list. 

Pharmacy_Recents.jpg  Pharmacy_Favorites.jpg

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Note: To add a Favorite or Recents pharmacy, click the circle next to the desired pharmacy. The pharmacy will now display as the patient's pharmacy on the next screen. Repeat the steps to select a different pharmacy.

4b. To Select a pharmacy not included in the Recents or Favorites list, tap Find another pharmacy at the bottom of the above screens.


5a. Click the down arrow next the Advanced Search. Type the pharmacy name, city, and zip code. The state will default to your practice location, but can be edited in the drop down. In addition, you can select pharmacy types such as Retail, Specialty, EPCS, etc. Tap Filter to apply your search criteria and scroll down to see the results.


5b. Mail Order pharmacy searches will pull up mail order pharmacies from across the country. To search a specific Mail Order pharmacy enter the pharmacy name or phone number then update the City, State, or ZIP. When view the results, more information for each pharmacy may be viewed by opening/collapsing a pharmacy.


6. Once you have selected the correct pharmacy you will then be taken back to the Patient Profile screen, where you will see the newly selected pharmacy listed.

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