Rcopia: How to Complete Identity Proofing for Non-Controlled E-Prescribing

Steps to Identity Proof for Non-Controlled Substances

1. Access the email inviting to complete identity proofing and click the link to begin the identity proofing (IDP) process.

2. The InfinID application will open to show a notification that the organization has requested you to complete identity proofing.  Click Next to proceed.

3. The next screen will list prerequisites for the IDP process. Click Continue at the bottom of your screen to move forward with the process. Having a personal credit card during this process is optional but can help pass identity proofing as Experian uses financial history to verify provider identity. 
Note: This is not a hard credit check, and there is no charge. If entering this information, you will only need the first eight (8) digits of the card number.


4. Accept the InfinID Application Terms of Use; check the box and click I Accept to continue.

5. On the next screen, enter the fields that are marked with a red asterisk. The fields that are not marked are not required to pass. Click the I Agree button at the bottom of the page once you are done.

  • In addition to completing the fields marked with a red asterisk, please provide your Mobile Phone Number
  • Note: If Experian can verify that it is a mobile phone number and that you are the primary account holder, they will send a text message with the IDP transaction number. If you do not enter your mobile number or it cannot be verified, Experian will mail you a letter through USPS with your IDP transaction number which takes 5 - 7 business days to arrive.


6. You will be redirected to a page where you will answer 3-4 financial questions based on your Experian credit report. You will have 5 minutes to answer the questions before your session times out. Answer the questions, then click the Continue button at the bottom of your screen.


7. If you pass IDP, you will be notified that your identity is successfully verified

 a) if you received a text with an Experian Transaction Number you may enter the number on this page.

 b) if you did not receive a text message, Experian will mail a letter with the Experian Transaction number, which takes 5 - 7 business days to arrive. 

8. Upon completing identity proofing, a confirmation email was sent advising that Experian verified your identity.  This email contains a link allowing you to enter your transaction number when you receive it by letter or text.

9. Click the link to access the site where you will enter the Experian Transaction Number.

10. Once LOA2 IDP is completed and the Experian Transaction ID is entered, a new email is generated that contains a Confirmation Code. Please note: The emailed Confirmation Code is valid for 7 days. After 7 days, a new invite must be sent and identity proofing completed again.

  • Provide the Confirmation to your Admin, who will activate your account.
  • Alternately, the Confirmation Code in the IDP Confirmation email may be submitted to a DrFirst Support Representative, who will enter the code to activate the account.

You may now log into your account and begin e-prescribing.

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