iPrescribe: Features, Demo, FAQ

You can view the following web pages for additional information about iPrescribe:

Select iPrescribe Features to view a list of features within the iPrescribe App, privacy and security, and EHR integration.  

Select iPrescribe Demo to access a link to a short video that demonstrates common workflows in the iPrescribe App in less than 3 minutes, including: patient search, writing prescriptions, accessing PDMP data and prescribing controlled drugs, Smart Sig, Secure Messaging, and more.

Select iPrescribe FAQ to see answers many common questions from new users about iPrescribe; for example, whether you can process renewals within the App, whether you may get iPrescribe for your staff, and whether you can prescribe out of office (or out of country).

The DrFirst Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are available at the bottom of each page.

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