EPCS: I Can't Send an Invite (for Admins)

This article explains what to do when you try to send an invite for a provide and receive the SuperNPI error message "SuperNPI Individual NPI Authentication Fail."

When the Invite Triggers a SuperNPI error

Step 1: When trying to send an invite to a provider, the user receives this error when there is a mismatch between the user profile and the NPI registry record. 


Step 2: The provider's first name, last name, state, and medical license number in their DrFirst profile must match exactly what is in the NPI registry. Locate a provider's NPI registry record by searching their individual NPI on the NPI Registry.

Search the provider and select their name to view the profile.  Scroll down to the Taxonomy section, which displays the provider's most updated medical license state and number. If there are multiple medical licenses, the primary will display as Yes, which is the record DrFirst is trying to match for the invite.


  • Confirm with the provider(s), which medical license is correct (either the one in DrFirst or the one in the NPI Registry).
    • If the provider(s) DrFirst record is correct, the provider will need to update their information within the NPI registry.
    • If the NPI registry record is correct, the user will need to update the provider's medical license state and number within DrFirst User Summary.

    • The provider can do this by logging into the NPI registry with their User ID and Password here, or they may call the NPI Enumerator at 1-800-465-3203.

Step 3: Once the NPI Registry is updated and the profile is confirmed to be correct, the user will be able to send an invite successfully to the provider(s).  Updates pull into DrFirst each weekend and post by the following Wednesday (exceptions for holidays). 

  • The Last Updated date to the NPI Registry displays at the top of the provider's profile in the NPI Registry profile page.


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