iPrescribe: I Registered but Cannot Log Into iPrescribe

When iPrescribe Registration is Completed but User Cannot Log Into iPrescribe App

This typically occurs when the final step within the ID.me verification process is not completed.

If you have already completed iPrescribe registration and ID.me identity proofing but are redirected to the ID.me login page when you try to log into iPrescribe, please try the following:

Step 1) Log into iPrescribe with your username and password

Step 2) Follow the prompt to log into ID.me

Step 3) Complete the two-factor authentication step to log into ID.me account with secure access (Note: if you completed identity verification you will not need to repeat these steps)

Step 4) You will see the final screen from registration

Step 5) Please tap the Allow button to finalize your account; this allows permission to share your verified identity information to iPrescribe.

  • You must Allow your information to be sent to iPrescribe or you will be unable to log into iPrescribe.


Allowing permission to share verified information (click to enlarge)

Step 6) You will be directed to the iPrescribe login page

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