Support Requests: User Training FAQs

Can we use a Support email to submit requests?
No, please use the Submit a request button to submit all requests to DrFirst Support. 
Where do I request tokens for providers?
Please use the Token Request option under the Partner Registration Management (DFR) section.
Where is the field for adding provider name and NPI on the Token Request form?
We have removed this field as it was not necessary to have the providers and NPI on the ticket to complete the request for new tokens.  The tokens will be associated with the provider's NPI once they authenticate the token in their EPCS setup. 
In the Registration Request ticket form, can you make the If Tokens Needed (optional) field mandatory if the user selects Yes on the Request EPCS Token field? 
Yes, we have fixed this issue, if you select Yes to Tokens Needed, the # of Token will become mandatory. 
Can we follow a ticket after it has been created by another user in my organization?
We have added this feature to our Roadmap as an enhancement.
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