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In Zendesk, Follow means subscribe. When you follow an article or a section, you'll get an email notification to receive product updates, release notes, new articles on best practices, training, demos, and more.

Following a Section vs. an Article

Following Sections: you will receive email notifications for new articles/posts in the section or topic. 

Follow our Announcements sections to receive updates and new product releases (release notes).


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Following Articles: you will receive email notifications whenever there are new comments to the article.


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  • You will receive email notifications for any new comments on the article or post; however, you will not receive notifications when the content in the article or post is updated.

Can I Unfollow Articles?

You can unfollow articles or sections by clicking the orange Unfollow or Following button.

For Articles: If you're following an article, there should be an orange button at the top-right corner of the page that reads Unfollow.

  • Click this button to unfollow the article.


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For Sections: If you're following a section, there will be an orange button below the section title that reads Following.

  • Click this button, then click Unfollow from the dropdown menu.


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