Ticketing: Track My Contributions

Contributions are anything you have created, posted, updated, or reacted to on our Help Center. Examples include:

  • Created: You may have created a ticket by submitting a request.
  • Posted: You may have posted a comment on a request (ticket) or an article.
  • Updated: You may have updated the status of a request.
  • Reacted: You may have provided a reaction vote on our help center articles (upvote or downvote)

You can track all of your comments made on our help center articles. To do so, follow the directions below:

From the My Activities page, click the Contributions tab at the top.


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Here is where you will see the following information:

(A) Title: Your comment on a help center article.

(B) Vote Sum: You provided the reaction vote on our help center article (upvote or downvote).

(C) Last Activity: The last (most recent) date and time you posted your comment on an article.

(D) Created: The original date your first comment was made.


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