Backline: Technical Requirements

Last Updated: May 3, 2021

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Please adhere to the technical requirements listed below to ensure Backline functions properly and performs optimally when implementing Backline.

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Supported Versions

Our policy is to support device and operating system (OS) versions supported by Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla. However, we always recommend that your users upgrade to the newest OS and Backline versions available.

Supported Desktops Browsers

The latest versions of Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, Edge 15 and above

Note: if you choose to use IE11:

  • Telehealth is not supported.
  • Microsoft restricts push notifications on any version of IE.
  • Backline will not launch if compatibility mode is turned on.
Supported Mobile Browsers

The latest versions of Android Chrome or iOS Safari.

  • Mobile browsers are for recipients of Chat With Patient and External Invites.
Supported Device Types
  • iOS 13 or higher on the following devices:
      • iPhone SE and above.
      • iPod Touch 7th Generation.
      • iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 4 and above (includes all iPad Pros).
  • Android OS 6.0 or higher.


Network Requirements for Core Backline
  • Whitelist domains: *, *, *
      • Note - the public IPs for these domains are not static, so whitelisting IPs is not recommended
  • Add,, to the email whitelist
  • Open TCP ports 61500-62000 (RMQ) – used for Backline Web Only
  • Open TCP ports 443, 2197, 5223
      • Device access to these ports on the entire address block, which is assigned to Apple
  • Open TCP ports 5228, 5229, 5230 and allow the firewall to accept outgoing connections as follows:
      • port: 5228, host: (indispensable)
      • port: 5229, host:
      • port: 5230, host:
      • port: 5228, host: (indispensable)
      • port: 5229, host:
      • port: 5230, host:
      • port: 5228, host: (optional)
      • port: 5229, host: (optional)
      • port: 5230, host: (optional)
      • port: 443, host: (optional)
  • Access to Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android)

Please reference this source for additional information:

Telehealth Network Requirements

Whitelist URLs (No Static IPs):


Ports and Protocol:

  • 443 WSS

Whitelist IP Ranges:

  • 203.254.0 -
  • 172.60.0 -
  • 203.250.0 -
  • 235.111.128 -

Ports and Protocol:

  • 443 TCP, UDP
  • 3478 TCP, UDP
  • 5349 TCP
  • *10,000-60,000 UDP, SRTP, SRTCP

Allow TURN, STUN, ICE traffic on all ports

Network Testing

The Networktest tool is a public troubleshooting tool provided and hosted by Twilio to allow customers to test and troubleshoot network connectivity issues in relation to Twilio NTS, Voice, and Video products.

Telehealth Device Requirements
  • Desktop devices using telehealth must allow the desktop browser access to the camera and microphone.
  • Mobile devices using telehealth must allow the mobile browser and the Backline mobile app access to the camera and microphone.
  • Telehealth functionality for all mobile users may not work on older devices with low memory.

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