EPCS: How To Use the OneSpan Hard Token


With the OneSpan Hard Token (Digipass GO 7), users can generate a one-time password (OTP) with a press of a button, enabling secure login to an application, website, or network. This is otherwise known as Two-Factor Authentication.

Proper Use

Turn on the device

Press down and release the single button on the device with the pad of your finger (or thumb) to initiate the OTP generation. Do not press the button with your fingernail.

Correct Usage
Press and release the button.
Incorrect Usage
Do not use your fingernail to press the button.

Turn off the device

Press down and release the single button on the device with the pad of your finger or thumb. Again, do not press the button with your fingernail.

Alternatively, you may let the device sit for approximately 32 seconds, and the screen will turn off automatically.

Important Notes


The button may become stuck if not pressed head-on and pressed from the side or pressed with an object other than a finger. If this happens, you can unstick the button by ensuring that the button is not touching the sides of the case that surround the button.


Should the button become stuck, the display may remain turned on. The Go7 uses a very low-power processor reducing the amount of power to operate the display, and this will not prematurely reduce the battery life. The Go7 will initiate an auto turn-off functionality after a preset time (approx. 32 sec).

Additional Access Menu

To access the menu, press and hold the button for 6+ seconds to reach one of the additional menu items below.

Note: These menu items are informational only and do not change or modify the token.



This represents time and will display a number in Epoch time (a Unix timestamp)

  • For example, the following time in Epoch in 30612798 translates to Thu, 02 Sep 2021 19:25:40 GMT. Visit the free epoch converter website online: https://www.epochconverter.com/.

This represents the device's battery life and will be displayed in the form (or unit) of percentages.

  • For example, 92 would translate to 92% battery life remaining.

This shows the serial number of your device.

  • You can find the same serial number (S/N) on the back of your device.
  • Please remember that S/N in all token-related cases represents Serial Number, not Social Security Number.
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