Rcopia: What are the Different Passwords in Rcopia?

This article clarifies the difference between a Login Password, Signature Password, and Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) Passphrase.

  • The Login Password is used to log into Rcopia. 
  • The Signature Password is used to send prescriptions for non-controlled substances
  • The Passphrase is used to send prescriptions with controlled substances. 

Note:  Rcopia and traditional iPrescribe use the same username and passwords when accessing both platforms for the same practice unless otherwise noted. 

The Login Password is used to log in.

  • You can reset your password by clicking the "Forgot Password?" link. 


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If you are unable to reset your login password using Forgot Password, please reach out to the Rcopia Admin at your practice or see How Do I Reset My Login Password (All Products)? 

The Signature Password is used to send prescriptions.

The Signature Password is used to send ALL prescriptions (if sending a controlled substance you will also be asked to provide your controlled substance password and token pin).

  • There is a setting where an Rcopia Admin may turn off the Signature Password so that there is no need for providers to enter the signature password.

If you would like to reset your signature password please view How Do I Reset My Signature Password?

The Passphrase is used to transmit controlled substances.

The Passphrase, or controlled substance password, is required for a Provider (ONLY) to send a controlled substance prescription, and is always followed by the One Time Pin (OTP) from a registered token.

The Passphrase can only be reset by the Provider, with access to a token and ability to answer the security question.

  • View Reset my Passphrase if you need assistance in resetting your Passphrase.
    Note:  Providers who are unable to reset their passphrase will have to complete EPCS identity proofing again.
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  • Cannot rest password. Live in Iowa and so ID.Me won’t give Iowa as an option so can’t get PIN.

  • Good afternoon, thank you for submitting ticket 186845 for DrFirst Support Team; we hope that your query will be resolved promptly with ID.Me based on information from that ticket. 

  • The link provided in this article for "How Do I Reset My Rcopia Signature Password?" does not work. Any way somebody from DrFirst can assist?

  • Good afternoon, my apologies about the link, which has now been updated to the right link for How Do I Reset My Signature Password?. For assistance directly from DrFirst Support Team, you may Submit a request at any time.