No Prescription Benefit (Formulary) Available For Patient

A patient's prescription benefit (formulary) plan is based on the patient demographic fields and the information we receive from our prescription vendor.

  • Having this information allows us to pull available health plan information for the patient.


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The formulary should pull within a few minutes after inputting patient data:


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If The Prescription Benefit (Formulary) Is Not Populating


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It will most likely be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The patient's Payer / Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) isn't connected with Surescripts.
  • The patient does not exist in the Surescripts master patient index.

You can access the current list of PBMs connected to the Surescripts network for more information.

Turn Off the Patient Prescription Benefit (Formulary) Feature

If you do not want to use the patient formulary feature, you can turn it off, or set its default to No Prescription Benefit Selected. To do so, follow the directions outlined below:

Step 1: Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of the screen, then click Settings.


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Step 2: Click Preferences.


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Step 3: Click the Patient tab on the left side of the page.


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Step 4: Find the checkbox labeled Select first prescription benefit option by default.

  • Check the box to keep the feature enabled.
  • Uncheck the box to disable the feature.


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Step 5: Click the Save button when you're finished.


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