Rcopia: Received a Fax From the Pharmacy?

Pharmacies will send faxes for any of the reasons mentioned below.

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If you received a faxed refill request, and the reasons (below) don't apply to you, submit a request to our Support Team. Tip: Provide examples of faxes with PHI removed in your request.

Possible Reasons Pharmacies Send Faxes

  • The provider hasn't sent at least 5 new prescriptions electronically (This ensures the practice has been trained with e-prescribing. Even if the refill service level is shown in Surescripts, SPIs do not appear as "refill enabled" within the Surescripts Directory until they send their 5th NEWRX message).
  • Pharmacies haven't updated their prescriber directories to recognize you are using e-prescribing (after sending your 5th NEWRX message) (It may take a couple of weeks for all pharmacies to take the most recent directory download that reflects your SPI(s) as being enabled to receive electronic Refill Requests).
  • Pharmacy isn't enabled for e-prescribing
  • Pharmacy sending change prescription request (pharmacy isn't set-up to send change messages electronically - ex. Walgreens).
  • Renewal request is from a mail-order pharmacy (not all software vendors are certified to process from mail-order pharmacies).
  • Refill requests were not responded to promptly (within 24-48 hours).
  • Pharmacies requesting prior authorizations
  • Pharmacies sending 90 (or greater) day supply requests
  • Controlled substance refill requests
  • Clinical messages (this may send because of “Medication Adherence” reasons (i.e., the patient has not paid for medication, so they cannot send).
  • Requests for a “NEWRX” rather than a refill request
  • Provider address mismatch (original script prescribed from a location address that has since been updated. Provider should send a new script from the updated location to correct so future renewals are sent electronically).
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