Rcopia: How to Manage User Locations (for Admins)


This article does not apply to Portal Partners. 

To assign/add or unassign/remove an existing practice location from a user's account, you must access the Utilities menu.

Step 1: Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of your page, then click Utilities.


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Step 2: Click Members Area.


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Step 3: Click the Account Management tab.


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Step 4: Select the practice you wish to update the account information for.


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Step 5: Click User Summary.


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Step 6: Select the user by clicking directly on their name. You will be redirected to their User Summary page.


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Step 7: Click the Manage User's Location button.


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Step 8: On the next screen, you will see the list of practice locations attached to this user. Follow the directions outlined below to either:

Add a location:

Check the box next to the desired location, then click the Submit Changes button.


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Note:  If the provider has multiple DEA's, select the appropriate DEA from the State License dropdown for the location.

Remove a location:

Uncheck the box next to the location you want to remove, then click the Submit Changes button.


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Step 9: The address you have selected or deselected should appear or disappear from the user's summary page. 

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