Getting EPCS & PDMP Ready

The current COVID-19 crisis has dramatically increased remote patient visits conducted via teleconferencing or phone calls. Since you can no longer (physically) hand paper scripts to patients, providers need EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) to prescribe controlled substances.

Did You Know?

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Providers in states without active mandates need EPCS to continue prescribing.

Mandates Driving EPCS and PDMP Utilization

There are currently 45 states with mandates in place, and 49 states—and the District of Columbia—have active PDMP databases that collect and report prescribing and dispensing data to authorized users.

Additionally, EPCS is strongly encouraged in all 50 states. Many states require prescribers to register with them to access PDMP data and perform mandatory queries. Check if your state has an EPCS and PDMP mandate in effect. Visit our Interactive mandate map

Are You EPCS and PDMP Ready? Download the PDF.

Are You PDMP Ready? Download the PDF
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