iPrescribe: How To Process a Renewal Request

You can access your renewal records from the iPrescribe home screen. 

Step 1: From the iPrescribe main menu screen, tap Renewals.


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Step 2: You will be redirected to a screen that will list all of your renewal requests, including pertinent details.


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You can respond to requests by performing one of the following:  

  • Change. This takes you to the Create New Rx screen, where you will prescribe a medication to replace the previous prescription.  This will alert the pharmacy that the requested renewal has been denied, but a new prescription will follow.
  • Forward. This allows you to forward the prescription request to another qualified prescriber in the practice.
  • Deny. This option lists reasons for denying the request, and sends a denial message to the pharmacy.
  • Renew. This renews the prescription with the desired amount of additional refills. When you choose the appropriate refills, you are authorizing this fill plus X refills of the medication.

Once Renewal Requests are all addressed, select Next at the bottom of the screen, and complete fields to sign and send any pending prescriptions.

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  • Question regarding the Change option that would be helpful to have answered....When a medication is Changed does eRx automatically STOP the old one and ADD the new script to the Inactive and Active med lists respectively OR does the user have to go to the Med Rec screen to manage this part of the change?