iPrescribe: How To Process a Renewal Request

You can access your renewal records from the iPrescribe home screen. Renewal records will show the date the request was sent and the prescriptions associated with it.

Step 1: From the iPrescribe main menu screen, tap Renewals.


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Step 2: You will be redirected to a screen that will list all of your renewal requests and the details surrounding them.


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You can respond to requests by performing one of the following:  

  • Change: This takes you to the Create New Rx screen, where you will prescribe a medication to replace the previous prescription.  This will alert the pharmacy that the requested renewal has been denied, but a new prescription will follow.
  • Forward: This allows you to forward the prescription request to another qualified prescriber in the practice.
  • Deny: This option presents a list of reasons for denying the request, and send a denial message to the pharmacy.
  • Renew: This renews the prescription with the desired amount of additional refills. When you choose the appropriate refills, you are authorizing this fill plus X refills of the medication.

Once Renewal Requests are all addressed, select Next at the bottom of the screen, and complete fields to Sign & Send any pending prescriptions.

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