EPCS: What do I need to know before Experian identity proofing (web)?

This article provides a list of necessary prerequisites to complete your EPCS identity proofing.


Numbers 1-5 are required. The remaining prerequisites are strongly recommended, optional, or only necessary under specific circumstances.

(1) Hard or Soft EPCS Token (recommended to have at least two tokens)

    • Hard Token: A Keychain token provided by DrFirst.
    • Soft Token: VIP Access by Symantec can be downloaded on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer from https://vip.symantec.com/.
          • When adding a Soft Token, you will be required to enter the Credential ID (formatted as SYMCXXXXXXXX). Visit How Do I Add an EPCS Token? for more information on adding EPCS tokens to your application.

(2) Social Security Number

(3) DEA Number & State

    • DEA and State must be populated in your user profile.
    • Do not use a Narcotics Addiction DEA Number (NADEAN).

(4) Passphrase

    • Passphrase (created during enrollment) should be a 8-20 characters with at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and a number.
    • Passphrase is necessary for the two-factor authentication step required for sending controlled substance prescriptions.  Two-factor authentication requires both a token and passphrase.
    • We highly recommend selecting a passphrase you will remember, as it will be entered manually each time.

(5) Security Question & Answer

    • Security Question & Answer are necessary if you want to reset your passphrase.
    • Security Answers are case-sensitive.
    • Make sure to write down your Security Question & Answer exactly as entered.
    • Example Security Question: "What is your mother's maiden name?"

(6) Valid Phone Number

    • Valid Phone Numbers can be mobile or residential but must be associated with a home address.
    • *It is highly recommend to provide a mobile phone number because after completing Identity Proofing, you must provide a Transaction Code to complete enrollment.  The Transaction Code may be sent instantly through SMS text messages if a mobile phone number is provided. Alternatively, you can opt to receive the Transaction Code by letter via USPS mail, which takes approximately 5-6 business days.

(7) First 8 Digits of a Personal Credit Card (optional and not recommended in most cases, but may be required)

    • VISA or MasterCard
    • No business cards or debit cards

If you have all the necessary prerequisites and would like to begin this process, proceed to the following article: How Do I Access My EPCS Registration Invite?

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