Complete Your Identity Proofing (IDP)

This article will provide step-by-step instructions on completing your EPCS Identity Proofing (IDP) through Experian and assumes you have already clicked the blue link in your registration invitation email.

  • Experian is our identity-proofing vendor, and infinID is the program that hosts the process.

If you have already been uploaded into our infinID program by a Credential Office Administrator (COA) at a hospital site, your information has already been uploaded. If this pertains to you, skip this process and instead Complete Logical Access Control (LAC).

Step 1: Accept the Terms of Use and Conditions by selecting the individual gray checkboxes, then clicking the I Agree button in the bottom-right corner of the page.

Step 2: On the next screen, you will be provided a temporary password. The temporary password will allow you to resume the IDP session if you exit for any reason. 

  • It is highly recommended to write down the temporary password physically.
  • You can only use the temporary password once you pass IDP and haven't registered a token.
  • If you need to exit the session and complete it later, you can use this temporary password, within 24 hours, to return to where you left off previously.

Step 3: The next screen will list pre-requisites for the IDP process. Click Continue at the bottom of your screen to move forward with the process.

  • Token: Can be OneSpan and/or Symantec
  • Personal Credit Card: This is not mandatory and can be omitted. 


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Step 4: Click the checkbox labeled I have read and understood this agreement, and I declare that I am authorized to sign this document. Then, click the I Accept button at the bottom-right of the page.

Step 5: On the next screen, enter the fields that are marked with a red asterisk. The fields that are not marked are not required to pass. Click the I Agree button at the bottom of the page once you are done.

  • In addition to entering the fields marked with a red asterisk, please provide us with your Mobile Phone Number.


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Step 6: You will be redirected to a page where you will answer 3-4 financial questions based on your Experian credit report. You will have 5 minutes to answer the questions before your session times out. Answer the questions, then click the Continue button at the bottom of your screen.


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Step 7: If you pass IDP, you will be redirected to a confirmation page to be prompted to add a token. Click the Add New Token button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 8: On the next screen, enter the fields listed below, then click Save New Token.

  • Token Manufacturer: SYMANTEC or ONESPAN
        • Select SYMANTEC if you are using a soft token (VIP Access App on mobile phone/tablet/computer) or a keychain hard token that has the SYMANTEC name and logo on the face of the token.
  • Token Issuer: DrFirst
  • Token Type: OTP HARD TOKEN (key fob) or OTP SOFT TOKEN (VIP Access app)
  • Token Name: Nickname for the token to help identify it (e.g., "iPhone token", "key fob", etc.)
  • Serial Number or Credential ID
        • If you are using a SYMANTEC HARD TOKEN (key fob): enter the Serial Number (S/N) on the back of the token without any spaces.
        • If you are using a OneSpan HARD TOKEN (key fob): enter the Serial Number (S/N), the long string of numbers on the back of the token without any dashes.
        • If you are using a SYMANTEC VIP Access SOFT TOKEN (app): enter the Credential ID that appears at the top of the screen without any spaces.
  • One Time Passcode (OTP): The number generated on the hard token or the Security Code from the VIP Access app.


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You have completed identity proofing (IDP). You will receive a confirmation email that contains a link that you will have to click once you receive your Experian Transaction Number. For more information, visit the following article: Input Your Experian Transaction Number.

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