Rcopia: Troubleshooting prescription location

The location that displays at the top right of Rcopia when the provider signs and sends a prescription is the location that will be associated to that prescription, regardless of whether a provider agent created the prescription from a different location. 

If providers need a prescription to appear to a pharmacy as originating from a specific location, the provider may change the default location in Rcopia at any time:  

  1. Once logged into Rcopia, go to a patient's profile. 
  2. On the top right corner, providers will see their current practice location. 
  3. Underneath the current location, select the drop-down menu to view all available locations (only appears if the provider is associated with multiple practice locations). 


    (click to enlarge)

  4. The new practice location should now appear on the top right corner of Rcopia. 
  5. Sign and send prescriptions. These prescriptions should now be associated with the updated practice location. 


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