iPrescribe: Push notifications for users with multiple practices

Providers using iPrescribe may be associated with multiple practices. How does this affect the push notifications they receive on their mobile device?

Push notifications are messages that appear on the home and lock screens of your Android or iPhone devices. These are distinct from in-app notifications.

If you are unable to modify your device settings to receive push notifications from iPrescribe, please check you have the latest app version. 

Multiple Usernames

If a provider has separate usernames for each practice:

  • Notifications are tied to the last username that was used.
  • E.g., after logging into Practice B, they won't get notifications for Practice A.

Single Username

If a provider has one username for several practices:

  • The provider can switch between practices under that username.
  • They will get notifications for all linked practices. 

Note: Push notification preferences are modified from your mobile device's settings, not within the iPrescribe app's settings.


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