Step 2: Identity proofing with for iPrescribe

Prerequisite: Step 1: Register for iPrescribe

Note: This article applies to users who are registering for iPrescribe on their own; if you have received an EPCS Gold invitation link in your email, this article does not apply to you. 

Whether you registered for iPrescribe as a single provider or you registered your practice, you will need to complete identity proofing (verification) via before you can prescribe. Support

Contact Support if you have any questions during this process. 

We recommend that you go through identity proofing (verification) in one sitting. 

1. As you go through Step 1: Register for iPrescribe, the app will prompt you to Launch Reenter your email and password for iPrescribe and accept the Terms of Service to continue to identity proofing. 


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2. Create an account with, if you do not have one already. Accept the Terms of Use to continue. 


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3. will send an email to authenticate your email address. Open the email to enter the verification code from the email into the screen. Note: The email expires within 15 minutes. 

4. Next, choose a way for to secure your account when you sign into (e.g. phone call or text message). 


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4_IDP_PhoneText.png    6_IDP_AccountSecure.png

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5. Choose a document to verify your identity. 


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6. Consent to Terms of Use to collect your data. 

7. Confirm your mobile phone number for to send you a link.


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8. Allow to access your camera.


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9. Take photos of your ID and select Continue 

  • Select the square prompt at the top of the screen to take a photo of the front of your ID
  • Select the square prompt at the bottom of the screen to take a photo of the back of your ID


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10. Select I'm ready to take a video selfie to allow your camera access to scan an image of your face. This is to ensure you are the person completing this identity proofing.


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11. Select Scan my face, focus your phone's camera on yourself, and take a clear photo of yourself. 


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12. You will see a confirmation screen if the images of yourself and your ID were uploaded successfully. Return to the open browser to continue with identity proofing. 


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13. Enter your Social Security Number and select Continue 


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14. Confirm your name, date of birth, home address, and phone number are correct so that can verify your credit history. Then, accept the Terms of Use by selecting the checkbox. 

15. Enter your NPI number and state license number. Also enter your medical specialty if you are a physician. 


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15. Allow to process your information.


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16. After you successfully finish identity proofing with, go back to iPrescribe. 

Note: Add team members to your practice's iPrescribe account at any time. 

Learn more: Account Management 

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  • Is this only available if you download the iPrescribe app?

  • is available as a way for prescribers who download the iPrescribe app and register either themselves or their practice (Step 1: Register for iPrescribe) to verify their identity.