Rcopia: (NEW) Register Staff via Rcopia (Admins)

This article applies to administrators who need to register new staff via Rcopia. 

There are 2 pathways to register new staff through Rcopia: 

  • Individually (select User Summary) 
  • Batch upload (select Register New Users

Once the provider's information is in Rcopia, complete the registration process for providers who will electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS) by sending them an EPCS invitation (invite). 

To get started with the registration process: 

1. Login to Rcopia as an administrator. 

2. Go to the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of your page.

3. Select Utilities.


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4. Select Members Area.


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5. Click the Account Management tab. 6. Select the practice where you will register new staff.


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7. Next, select either: 

  • User Summary to register individual providers/staff 
  • Register New Users to register providers using batch upload (only use this option if instructed by your DrFirst Account/Channel Manager, Project Manager, or Sales Representative to do so) 


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Click the drop-down items below to learn more about each pathway to register users. 

User Summary (register individual users) 

8. From the drop-down menu called Register New User, select the user type you want to add, then select the Add button. 


9. If you are registering:

  • A staff member who is a prescriber and has an NPI number, you will be prompted to enter that first. 
  • A user who does not have an NPI number yet  as in the case of a resident  you will need to wait until the resident can obtain an NPI number to complete this process. 
  • A staff member who is not a provider, you will not need to provide an NPI number to continue with their registration process.  


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10. Complete all the required fields on the next screen, which are marked with a red asterisk (*) and select Submit.  

Example required fields for registering a provider:


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Best practices for entering information for:

  • Provider's specialty in the drop-down menu, state license number(s), and DEA number should match what is listed on their NPI registry
  • Remember to select Add License button each time you enter a license number to save it. 
  • If a provider has multiple state licenses, the primary state license number should appear at the top. 
  • If a provider will electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS), you must enter a DEA number. 
  • Provider ID is determined by the practice, but needs to be unique to each provider.
  • The state medical license can be entered as NONE if the resident does not have one at the time of registration. Add a license to their user profile, once they have one available.
  • DEA number:
    • Enter as a hyphenated DEA, formatted as:
      • [Facility DEA]-[provider ID].
    • If a resident cannot get a DEA number, a practice may assign one, but this DEA number cannot be used for another provider; each DEA number must be unique to a provider

To associate a practice location with a user, click on the location names and highlight them. 

  • Hold 'ctrl' key + your mouse to select one practice location at a time 
  • Hold 'shift' key + your mouse to select the entire list of locations 

Primary Location.png

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11. Record the username and password credentials that appear on the next screen, as you will need to give this to the person you registered so they can login to Rcopia.

Register New Users (register using batch upload) 

Only use this option, if instructed by your Account Manager or Sales Representative.

8. Click the Batch Upload Spreadsheet option. 


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9. Download the spreadsheet.

10. It automatically goes to row 601 of the spreadsheet. Scroll all the way up to start entering information.

Note: Enter information without spaces. If you forget, you will be able to fix these as error uploads later. 

11. Upload a spreadsheet containing all the new users you wish to register. Select Choose File to locate your spreadsheet, then select the Upload File button.


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12. When you upload successfully, you will see a confirmation screen. Here, you can review all your uploaded users, and modify any record by clicking on the individual record. 

Once you are ready to proceed, click the checkbox next to the individual record, or select the Check All checkbox. Then, select the Register button at the top. 


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13. Next, select Confirm Registration button. 


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14. You may repeat steps 10-12 for the next 10 users from your spreadsheet.

Batch upload only adds 10 users at a time, so if you had more than 10 users on your spreadsheet, they are pending until you go back and add them using steps 10-12. 


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15. Otherwise, if you are done, you can go back to User Summary

8. After completing either individual or batch registration for providers, you may now complete registration for providers who will electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS).

From User Summary (see step 7), select the checkbox on the row of the provider you want to register for EPCS.

Then, select the Send EPCS Gold Invite button across the top for providers who will electronically prescribe controlled substances.

To learn more about this step, go to: Rcopia: Send EPCS Gold Invite to Providers (Admins)


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