iPrescribe: What is the EPCS mailer?

As part of Step 5: Activate E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) in iPrescribe, you will need to enter a verification code from a mailer (letter with QR code) into iPrescribe.

This action finalizes your ability to e-prescribe controlled substances in iPrescribe. 

Prerequisite: Completed ID.me verification in Step 5: Activate EPCS in iPrescribe

Reminder: You received 2 separate items in the mail:

Learn more: Step 6: Add Controlled Substance Tokens to Your iPrescribe Account.

1. Receive your mailer at your DEA-listed business address


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2. Log in to iPrescribe.

3. Go to the main menu. 



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4. Select Activate EPCS.  


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5. Scan the QR code or enter the 7-digit code located right below the QR code on the mailer (letter)


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  • If you choose to scan the QR code, allow iPrescribe to access your camera, then scan 

iPrescribe_CameraAccess.png   iPrescribe_ScanforEPCS_Lg.png  iPrescribe_ScanforEPCSPairing_Lg.png

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  • Otherwise, manually enter the 7-digit code into iPrescribe 

iPrescribe_Enter7DigitMailerCode.png   iPrescribe_Pairing7DigitCode.png

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6. You will see a success message, indicating you are now authorized to begin electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) using your two-factor authentication (login password and one-time-pin from an authenticator). 

iPrescribe_MailerSuccess.png   iPrescribe_ActivateEPCS_FinalScreen.png

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