Using for iPrescribe

iPrescribe has partnered with a third party vendor,, to complete identity proofing requirements.

iPrescribe integrates the workflow in these main iPrescribe workflows: 

You will recognize when you are completing an portion of the iPrescribe workflows when you see across the top of the screen. 


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  • For these screens, contact Support directly if you experience any issues.
  • For other screens that are specific only to iPrescribe, contact DrFirst Support if you experience any issues.

Learn More About 

Who is is a national leader in identity-proofing, offering identity verification for prescribers. Its next-generation identity platform adheres to the highest federal standards for online identity proofing and authentication. Over 34 million individuals and 400 partners use's technology, including federal and state agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, retailers, and nonprofits.

How do I contact

Contact Support by visiting their Help Center at

Here, you can chat with an agent by going to the chat feature on the bottom right corner of the page or you can email them directly at

What if I already have an account? 

If you already have an account, you may sign in to your existing account whenever iPrescribe prompts you to start a workflow via It will save you time!

For example, when you reach the registration step that launches in Step 1: Register for iPrescribe, log into your account with your registered email address and password.

You may be prompted to perform two-factor authentication and go through some additional identity proofing steps to proceed.

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