iPrescribe: Cancel or stop a medication

This article explains the difference between canceling and stopping a medication. It also explains the workflows for both. 

Stopping a medication: This action removes the drug from a patient’s Active Medications and no notifications that it was stopped will be sent to the pharmacy. 

Canceling a prescription: This action sends a notification to the pharmacy to cancel a prescription. Once you have requested to cancel the medication, it will be removed from a patient’s Active Medications. 

How do I stop a medication? 

Start on a Patient's Profile screen and navigate to the Active Medications section, then follow the steps outlined below:


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1. Locate the correct medication and click the arrow to the right of the medication to move to the next screen.


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2. On the Medication Review screen click Stop Medication.


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3. On the Stop Medication screen fill out the below fields:

  • Date Stopped is a required field
  • Why is this med being stopped is an optional field
  • Notes is also optional

Once filled out click the Stop Medication button


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4. You then end up on the screen you started on with an alert letting you know the medication has been stopped.


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How do I cancel a prescription? 

1. Login to the iPrescribe app

2. Go to the main menu on the top left corner

3. Select History 


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4. The History screen will then be displayed with prescriptions that have been completed or undelivered.

  • If you are the signed in provider your name will be displayed in the filter by the provider field.
    • Filter by provider - this field will allow you to select a specific provider
    • Filter by patient - this field will allow you select a specific patient


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5. Click on the desired prescription to select it

  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen until you see Transmission History
  • When ready to cancel the prescription click Cancel at Pharmacy and Stop


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6. Select a reason that you are canceling; you can add Comments for Pharmacist to further explain why you are canceling 

7. Then select Cancel at Pharmacy and Stop


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8. On the next screen you will see a message displayed that the medication has been cancelled.


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What is Canceled Rx in Settings?

After a prescription has been canceled from iPrescribe (or Rcopia if you have desktop access), the pharmacy may send notifications to confirm that a prescription was canceled.

To access, tap on the iPrescribe menu (3 lines in the top left corner) and select Canceled Rxs.


Click the Acknowledge button for each prescription, then click Next to process the action(s).


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