Rcopia: Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA+)

The electronic prior authorization process (ePA+) is integrated into your e-prescribing workflow in Rcopia.

To begin the process:

1. Go to your patient's profile as you normally would to prescribe a medication:

  1. Search for your patient's name
  2. Select your patient to view their profile
  3. As always, start prescribing a new medication using the Create a New Prescription button

2. Search for the medication name. You may see a PA label associated with the dose you want to select for the medication. This is an early indication that you will require Prior Authorization for this medication.


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3. Complete prescription instructions for the medication on the sig screen.

4. Next, when you review the prescription, you will see a red badge indicating Prior Authorization is needed. You may initiate the Prior Authorization by selecting Start PA in that badge.


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5. An alert appears to notify you that the Prior Authorization process has started. 


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6. Continue the Prior Authorization process at any time by selecting the Prior Authorizations tab across the top.

7. Select Complete next to your patient's name and medication requiring the Prior Authorization.


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8. Answer the questions presented to you and Save.


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9. You will get a confirmation message.


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10. Come back to the Prior Authorizations tab at any time to review the status. For example, under PA Approved, select review the Details button to learn more about the approved Prior Authorization.


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