Rcopia: Account Setup for Level of Assurance 2 (LOA2)

This article provides instructions for completing the identity proofing (IDP) process through Experian for level of assurance 2 (LOA2), which means providers will only prescribe non-controlled substances at their organization. 

1. Go to your email and find an identity proofing invitate email from infinidadmin@drfirst.com

  • Your email invite is either initiated by an administrator at your organization, your EMR vendor, or DrFirst.

2. Click on the link within the email to begin the identity proofing process. If for any reason this link is not working, you may need to request a new invite.

Please be advised that the invite expires after 60 days.

3. On the next screen, you will see that the InfinID application will open and you will see a notification that your organization has requested you to complete identity proofing. Select Next.

  • Tip: Use a computer (and not a phone) to complete the registration.
  • Experian is the identity-proofing vendor, and InfinID is the program that hosts the process.


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4. Review the prerequisites page before you begin. Select Continue when you are ready. 

  • You will NOT be charged for identity proofing. 


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5. Accept the Terms of Use by selecting the gray checkbox, to show that you have read and understand the agreement. Also select I Accept button in the bottom-right corner of the page.


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6. Complete demographic and credit information, which Experian will use to verify your identity. All required fields are indicated with a red asterisk *.


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  • Make sure when entering address, you leave out any special characters.
    • E.g., if you live at 1 E. Main St Apt. 204 you should enter it as 1 E Main St Apt 204 without any periods.
  • It is recommended that you enter a mobile phone number for which you are the primary account holder.
    • If you do not enter your mobile number, or it cannot be verified, Experian will mail you a letter with an Experian Transaction Number (ETN), instead of texting you. This letter takes 3-5 business days to arrive.
  • Having a personal credit card during this process is not required, but can help with passing identity proofing.
    • Experian uses financial history to verify a provider’s identity. 
    • You must use a personal VISA or MasterCard.
    • Only the first 8 digits are required and no charges will be applied. 

7. Next, answer 3-4 financial questions, which will be based on your Experian credit report. You will have 5 minutes to answer the questions and select Continue, before your session times out


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8. After you pass identity proofing, you will receive an Experian Transaction Number (ETN) either via text or mail. 

  • If you receive the ETN via SMS (text message), enter it on the screen to continue.
    • It will be a 6-digit code from the number 732-873.
    • It is valid for 7 days.


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  • If you receive your ETN in the mail, you will need to click the blue link in your identity proofing confirmation email link to enter it on the resulting screen and continue the process.
    • It will be a 10-digit code sent by USPS mail
    • Should arrive within 3-5 business days
    • It is valid for 30 days


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9.  After entering your transaction number successfully, you will receive a third email. This email contains a confirmation code which you can provide to your administrator, so that they can enter it on your account and complete the activation of your account for electronic prescribing.


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