Rcopia: What Is Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec)?

When prescribing in Rcopia, a prescription will be added to the Medications list of the patient's profile as a prescription is sent to the pharmacy. However, if the same medication is already listed in the active list, the user will encounter the Prescription/Medication Reconciliation screen. This allows users to decide what should happen to the already listed version of the medication as well as the newer medication that was prescribed.

The available action options are:

  • Add: Apply the new dosing to the medication list.
  • Ignore: Do not apply the new dosing to the medication list.
  • Stop: Remove existing dosing from medication list but keep in medication history.
  • Keep: Retain the existing dosing on the medication list.


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The only way to populate the medication reconciliation screen is if the drug is the same (ex. ibuprofen), but the dose (strength, SIG, additional directions to patient or additional directions to pharmacist) is different. Different refills and different quantity will not prompt this med rec screen (there is a user preference to only trigger med rec if quantity has changed - 'Ask to reconcile prescription vs. medication when only quantity has changed). Additionally, the medication reconciliation screen will populate if the drug being prescribed is the generic (or vice versa) version.

See Set Preferences for how to access and change user preferences.

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