Help Desk Support Requests: Support Ticket Priority Levels

The DrFirst Support team assigns priority levels to Support requests, based on the severity of the impact to your account/organization. 

When you submit a request to Support, you may suggest the severity of the impact that you believe an issue has on your account/organization: 


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Impact/Priority Examples
  • Practice cannot login to or launch a product whatsoever; no workaround
  • All or many prescriptions are failing with error/undeliverable message for multiple providers 
  • Medication(s) for one patient showing for a different patient
  • Multiple prescriptions failing for one or a few providers
  • Cannot prescribe or access product but there is a temporary workaround 
  • Slow service or service interruptions for some (but not all) users 
  • Account errors (e.g., one or a few providers are not set up for electronically prescribing controlled substances despite using correct process) 
  • Issues with non-core product features (e.g. Favorite medications), but providers are still able to prescribe 
  • General identity proofing/token assistance needed
  • Account updates for demographics or location/practice needed for provider(s) 
  • Account updates for demographics or location/practice needed for staff member(s)
  • Request for a report 
  • General questions on how to use or train on a product 
  • General questions about Help Desk articles or article topics 

Some helpful questions to determine the severity of impact include: 

  • Severity: Does this issue prevent use of a product or can you continue with a work around? 
  • Scope: How many users are affected? A few users or multiple practices? 
  • Certainty: Have you eliminated all other possibilities for the issue? E.g., can the issue be because of user error or a need for user training? 
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