iPrescribe: New Feature: Call Patients from the App

We are excited to launch call capabilities in iPrescribe! When prompted, set up iPrescribe Connect to start calling your patients directly from the app.

  • iPrescribe Connect protects your privacy by listing your practice’s phone number, not your personal phone number.
  • iPrescribe Connect is available only if you self-registered through ID.me and have an active, paid iPrescribe subscription using Stripe.
  • Providers who are part of a practice that has an automated answering system that routes calls by presenting menu options to callers will not be able to set up iPrescribe Connect.
  • If you are part of multiple practice locations, iPrescribe Connect will use your default practice location’s phone number. This default location is set during self-registration. If you want to change your practice phone number, please contact Support.

To set up iPrescribe Connect:

1. Log in to the iPrescribe app.

2. View any patient record as you would normally:

     a. Select New Rx from the main menu


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     b. Search for your patient's name.


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     c. Select your patient’s name to see their profile.

3. Select the Call phone icon on the top right or the patient’s phone number that is listed in their profile.

Dialer_Call_A.png   Dialer_Call_B.png

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4. You will be prompted to set up iPrescribe Connect. To continue, select the Get started with Connect button.


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If you select the Not now option, iPrescribe will continue to prompt you each time you make a call.

Note: If you choose to not fully set up iPrescribe Connect in the moment, you may still make a phone call to your patient from the app; your patient will be able to see your personal mobile number in this case.

5. iPrescribe will show you your practice number. Select Call my practice number to get a verification code via automated phone call to your practice phone.

Note: This is the practice number that you entered when you registered for iPrescribe.

If you do not have access to your practice phone number at the time, do not set up iPrescribe Connect; set up iPrescribe Connect next time you make a call.

Dialer_VERIFY_A.png  Dialer_CallMeNow.png

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6. Enter your verification code.

Note: If you are part of a practice with an automated telephone answering system that routes phone calls using a menu of options for callers, you will not be able to receive the automated phone call with the verification code to enable iPrescribe Connect.

Dialer_VerifyCode.png  Dialer_Verifying.png

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7. Once your phone number is verified, you will be able to call patients from your mobile phone, but only your practice phone will display in the caller ID.

8. To call a patient, go to your patient’s profile as you would normally in iPrescribe:

     a. Log in to iPrescribe.

     b. Select New Rx from the main menu.


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     c. Search for your patient’s name


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     d. Select your patient’s name to see their profile.
9. You will see a green Call button next to your patient’s name, as well as a phone number listed in their record. Select either of these to call your patient.

Dialer_Call_A.png  Dialer_Call_B.png

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10. Each time you call your patient and choose Call From Office, iPrescribe will show your practice phone number on the patient’s caller ID by default.


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However, you may also still choose to place a Direct Call from your mobile number, meaning that your personal phone number will appear on your patient’s caller ID.

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