Rcopia: Send EPCS Gold Invite to Providers (Admins)

EPCS Gold is linked to Rcopia for an administrator to send the EPCS invite to a provider. Admins can send the invite to the providers within their practice by navigating to the Utilities menu in Rcopia.

Please advise the provider that the invite expires after 60 days.

1. Click the Menu Icon (three horizontal lines) and then Utilities.


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2. Click the Members Area section.


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3. Click the Account Management tab.


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4. Select the desired practice.


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5. Click User Summary. You will be redirected to a page where you will see a list of all users within the practice (selected in step 4).


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6. From the list, check the box in the left-most column for the user and then click Send EPCS Gold Invite.


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7. Confirm the email address that the invite is being sent to. If correct click Confirm

  • If the email address is incorrect type in the new email address and click Confirm

    • The provider's email address will be changed on their account to the new email address that the invite has been sent to.


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