Rcopia: Prescription Management

You can find the Prescription Management widget on a patient's summary page. This widget can display all pending, completed, undeliverable, and canceled prescriptions (visit Prescription Report Statuses to learn more about what these statuses mean).

On this widget, you can perform the following:

View All Prescriptions

1. From the patient's summary page, scroll down to the Prescription Management widget.


Prescription Management widget (click to enlarge)

2. You will see all of your pending prescriptions by default. You can change this by clicking the Status drop-down menu and selecting the desired status you wish to search for.


Prescription Management widget (click to enlarge)

3. Your search results will appear at the bottom of the widget.

Change Prescription Details

You can change the details of a prescription from the Prescribe Medication widget. This widget is where you can access and modify prescription details for a patient and their pharmacy. 

  • To learn more about how you can also change prescription details from the Prescription Management widget, visit the following article: Change Prescription Details.

Send Prescriptions

Visit the following article to learn how to send prescriptions: Send a Prescription.

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