Rcopia: Send a Prescription

Start on the Patient Summary page of the patient you wish to send a prescription to, and follow the directions outlined below:

Step 1: Scroll down to the Prescription Management section.


Patient Info page (click to enlarge)

Step 2: Select the desired prescription(s) you want to process by checking or unchecking the checkbox(s) on the far left.


Prescription Management widget (click to enlarge)

Step 3: If you are a provider, enter your Signature Password.


Prescription Management widget (click to enlarge)


Step 4: To complete your prescription, select one of the following options provided:

  • Send: sends the prescription to the pharmacy electronically.
  • Send & Print: sends the prescription to the pharmacy electronically and prints out a watermarked (non-legal) copy of the prescription for your records.
  • Print don't Send: prints the prescription without sending it to the pharmacy, an option used if a patient is unsure which pharmacy they would like to use.
  • Sign don't Send: signs the medication and adds the medication to the patient's active medication list, but does not send a prescription to the pharmacy; this is useful if the patient was given a sample.

Step 5 (If controlled substance): Enter in your EPCS passphrase and token pin.


Your role (Provider, Provider Agent, or a Staff Agent) in your organization determines what you can do with these reports. The action items listed above are if you are a Provider. If you are a Provider Agent or a Staff Agent, visit Prescription Reports for more information on your available options.

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