Manage Provider Agents

You can manage your agents by listing, authorizing, or revoking Provider Agent privileges.

Navigate to Rcopia's Sign-in Page, and log in using your username and password.

Step 1: Click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left of your page, then click Utilities.


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Step 2: Click Manage Provider Agent Assignments.


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Step 3: You will see a list of Authorized Agents to the left and Available Staff to the right. You can authorize members from the available staff by clicking Authorize next to the desired staff member.


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  • Doing so will move the user to the Authorized Agents list to the left.


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Step 4: To remove provider agent privileges, you can click Revoke next to the desired authorized agent on the left.


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Step 5: Once you are done, check the box labeled I affirm that I am an authorized representative of this practice with authority to configure Provider Agents. Then, click Approve Changes.


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